Chessed Baruch Appeal

My name is Baruch.

In 2007 I moved to Johannesburg after working for 3 years in Pretoria in the IT industry.

After working for several years, I suddenly started experiencing episodes that included strange spinal discomfort and uncontrollable hand tremors. These episodes became more frequent and more intense to the point that it effected my daily functionality. 

It became so incessant and ongoing that I would need to lie down and these disruptive sensations would only stop once I had managed to sleep.

This went on for approximately 6 years.

Having been to multiple medical professionals to investigate and establish some kind of diagnosis and treatment, many doctors were baffled and after multiple different medical opinions, at the behest of Velvy Bokow, I started seeing neurologist Prof Girish Modi in August 2021.

Prof Girish Modi admitted me to hospital for several days in order to run tests and observation including a 24 hour EEG and in his view these tests have revealed that the previous diagnosis were not correct.

While it is currently not certain what is causing the episodes, Prof Modi feels that there is “temporal lobe dysfunction” combined with “anxiety and probable temporal lobe epilepsy”

Prof Girish Modi’s care for me as a patient has given me a substantial return to some level of functionality and I wish to continue seeing Prof Girish as he continues to determine what is the best medical route forward for me.

However due to financial constraints at this point in time, and due to my condition making it almost impossible for me to gain sustainable employment, I am unable to pay the ongoing medical consultation fees and although I am on a medical aid plan the medical aid does not cover the costs of all the necessary medication.

I am therefore appealing to you to assist me financially so that I may continue to pursue the possibility of returning to full functionality, so that I may hopefully soon return to being a meaningful and constructive contributor to society.

I am looking to raise funds for the medical consultations (R927.00 per consult) and medication (R300.00 per month) for the duration of the next 12 months.  This would amount to R1,227.00 per month x 12 months = R14 724.00. This is in addition to the current outstanding amount of R2,404.00 owing to Prof Modi, thereby totaling R17,128.00.

Taking into consideration the possibility of price increase and or any other incidental medical and or medicinal expenses we are looking to raise R25 000.00.

Donations made will go through SOSA Medical and then I would submit the relevant invoices to SOSA  Medical and SOSA Medical will then pay over to the service provider.

Due to the sensitive nature of privacy and confidentiality I have intentionally blurred my picture.  Mr Velvy Bokow however has agreed to vouch for me and to assist me in fundraising the necessary funds. Below is a letter from Prof Girish Modi which has also got the patient name blurred due to the sensitive nature of this request.

Should there be any excess funds raised these will be utilized by SOSA Medical for their ongoing medical charitable causes.

Should there be any need to verify my claims Velvy can be contacted on his cell phone on 073 443 1644 or on his email

Thanking you kindly for your consideration.


Chessed Baruch

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MORE INFO: SOSA Medical Project is a project of SOSA, which is registered as a not for profit company. The Project assists with paying the monthly premium of the medical aid hospital plan, for those in need of financial assistance.

This fundraiser has been co-ordinated by SOSA Medical Project on behalf of the recipient above,  who has no medical aid or whose medical aid doesn’t cover the costs of urgent treatment needed.

Our policy is not to fundraise for the recipient or to pay for treatment, procedures or operations from our own funds, due to our limited resources.

We are assisting the above recipient only with: co-ordinating the fundraiser and managing the funds they raise. We pay the medical service providers directly from the funds raised, upon presentation of their invoice.   

SOSA Medical Project does not deduct any percentage from the funds raised for our admin expenses. The interest received from these funds accrues to the recipient.

For more information contact R’ Shaun on business whatsapp on 011-882-8322 or email with the subject: Enquiry: Chessed Baruch Appeal.

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January 31, 2022

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