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Dear friends,

A Jewish woman 60 years old, married, no children from Cape Town is in need of an eye cornea transplant. The couple has a small, basic business which covers their basic living expenses but have no medical aid. The woman has had very little vision in her right eye for over 18 months and this is not only a significant emotional and psychological distress, but it is also impacting her ability to help run their business. We enclose herewith a copy of the supporting letter from her Ophthalmologist Dr. Attenborough. For the sake of anonymity we have deleted the applicant’s name. 

SOSA Medical’s core focus is to assist people who are currently not on medical aid to join at least a hospital plan. Our policy is not to do fund raising for medical procedures, operations etc. Individuals in need of medical procedures, who are not on a medical aid and do not have the funds available to pay for the procedure can use SOSA as a platform or vehicle to raise funds for themselves directly. The individual can also elect a third party volunteer to raise the funds on their behalf. SOSA will co-ordinate the activities. In this case the undersigned has agreed to act as a third party volunteer fundraiser on behalf of the woman. 

Chessed Cornea (NOT COMPLETE)

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MORE INFO: SOSA Medical Project in a not for profit company which primarily assists with funding the costs of a medical aid, for those in need of financial assistance, in order to afford a medical aid hospital plan.

This fundraiser has been co-ordinated by SOSA Medical Project on behalf of the recipient who has no medical aid or whose medical aid won’t cover the costs of urgent treatment needed.

Our policy is not to fund raise for the recipient ourselves or to pay for treatment, procedures or operations from our own funds, due to our limited resources.

We assist the recipient with co-ordinating the fundraiser and managing the funds raised on their behalf. We pay the medical service providers from these funds.   

SOSA Medical Project does not deduct any percentage from the funds raised or for our admin expenses, to manage the funds. The funds raised are placed in an interest bearing account and the interest received accrues to the recipient.

For more information contact Shaun on 011-882-8322 by whats app or email with subject: Enquiry: Chai Janine Appeal

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