Janine Elin Chai Appeal

My time is running out! I cannot afford to wait for government hospital assistance so I have decided to be proactive and raise the money I need to get treatment from the private sector before it’s too late!

My name is Janine Elin, a single mother of twin boys who have sadly already lost their father to cancer.

I was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer of the vulva in August 2021. I desperately need treatment which consists of radiation and chemotherapy before they can even consider operating as I am completely inoperable at this stage with the tumour too big and too close to the bowel and pelvic bone.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I unfortunately do not have a medical aid. I am a white Jewish woman living in South Africa and had to undergo a most degrading and humiliating biopsy procedure at a state run hospital without local anaesthetic.

I have already been waiting for 2 months to hear when my treatment will begin and what exactly it will consist of but because of the fire that ravaged the JHB Gen hospital in April this year there is a 6 month backlog on top of the regular backlog. Each day that passes with no response as to my treatment costs me my life and I risk moving perilously from stage 2 into stage 3 and further heaven forbid !

To all of you who know me, you know I have spent my life giving of myself to others and I am now in the most humble position on my knees pleading with you to help me raise funds so that I am able to have the treatment and procedures that I need as a mensch in a private hospital. With my heart and my soul I am begging with every fibre of my being to ask that you find it in your heart to contribute any sum of money so that I am able to get the help that I need to overcome this disease.

Funds collected will be paid over for the treatment by SOSA Medical Project.

I am truly grateful and humbled by your generosity.

With Hashems blessings. 

Janine x

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MORE INFO: SOSA Medical Project is a project of SOSA, which is registered as a not for profit company. The Project assists with paying the monthly premium of the medical aid hospital plan, for those in need of financial assistance.

This fundraiser has been co-ordinated by SOSA Medical Project on behalf of the recipient above,  who has no medical aid or whose medical aid doesn’t cover the costs of urgent treatment needed.

Our policy is not to fundraise for the recipient or to pay for treatment, procedures or operations from our own funds, due to our limited resources.

We are assisting the above recipient only with: co-ordinating the fundraiser and managing the funds they raise. We pay the medical service providers directly from the funds raised, upon presentation of their invoice.   

SOSA Medical Project does not deduct any percentage from the funds raised for our admin expenses. The interest received from these funds accrues to the recipient.

For more information contact R’ Shaun on business whatsapp on 011-882-8322 or email info@SOSAmedical.org with the subject: Enquiry: Chai Janine Appeal.

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