Cookie Notice

This cookie notice applies to all websites and mobile applications belonging to SOS for the Aged NPC (SOSA).

When you access, interact with or visit SOSA websites, cookies are used to improve your online experience.

For more information about how SOSA websites collect, store and process personal information, please refer to the SOSA Website Private Statement. 


About cookies

A cookie is a small file with an identifier that is stored on your electronic devices (such as a computer, smart phone or tablet) when you visit or use a website or mobile application.

Cookies may not contain any data or information that can be used to personally identify a user.

There are various types of cookies, and each has its own distinctive purpose and expiry date.

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Why SOSA websites use cookies

SOSA websites use cookies for the following purposes:

  • To authenticate users
  • To provide security aimed at protecting user accounts from fraudulent use of login details and protecting the SOSA websites
  • To personalise content and to better understand how users use the SOSA websites through user preferences and browsing history
  • To advertise and display relevant advertisements to users
  • To carry out analytics to improve user experiences


Types of cookies that SOSA uses

SOSA uses three types of cookies, namely:

  • Session cookies, which are temporary and will be erased once you have closed your browser. Session cookies help with security while you browse the website and will also assist in navigation from page to page while you browse. These cookies cannot be disabled.
  • Persistent cookies, which are stored on your device to save information, settings, preferences or login details pertaining to a website or mobile application. Your device will use these cookies when you visit that website or mobile application again. These cookies are stored on your device until they expire or until you delete them.
  • Third-party cookies, which are created by third-party domains that are not the website (or domain) that you are visiting. These cookies are generally used for personalised marketing and advertising purposes.


Managing cookies

By using the SOSA websites, you agree that we may place cookies on your electronic devices for the purposes set out in this notice.

All web browsers, including the SOSA websites, provide the option to disable or delete cookies. You can manage your preference relating to a specific type of cookies at any time on our website by visiting Cookie Settings or the mobile application. However, certain cookies, such as session cookies, are necessary for the operation of SOSA websites and cannot be disabled.

If you prefer not to have non-essential cookies placed on your electronic device while using the SOSA websites, you can disable them by turning them off in your browser. This may, however, affect the overall experience of access, navigation and usage on the SOSA websites. When you disable cookies, no information is gathered from your device.