SOSA Application

Thank you for contacting SOSA Medical.

We pay a portion of the monthly premiums for hospital plans**. This is for individuals and families in need of financial support.

To be considered for this financial support, complete and submit an application form, after reading through the important information below.

Applications are kept in the strictest confidence.

Due to the limited funds currently available, priority is being given to the elderly members of our community, as well as those suffering from co-morbidities (e.g. sugar diabetes and high blood pressure etc.), irrespective of age. You are nevertheless encouraged to make contact with us or complete the application form, and we will add you to our waiting list.

**Did You Know? A hospital plan is a basic medical aid plan. It primarily covers costs for medical services while admitted to a private hospital. This includes operations, procedures, tests, medications & fees charged by attending doctors and specialists during the hospital stay.



  • Contact us for a copy of the application form (see contact details below).


  • Your application will be assessed by our vetting team and you will be notified whether your application has been provisionally approved.
  • Allow one week for feedback.


  • If your application is provisionally approved, you will then need to choose a hospital plan and obtain a quote from the medical aid.
  • You may contact a medical aid broker to assist you or else contact the medical aid directly.
  • There are many medical aid brokers available who are trained to advise in selecting a hospital plan and assist with obtaining a quote.
  • Their services come at no additional charge and have proven to be very beneficial. If you are in need of names of brokers you may click here for a list of brokers who have assisted our applicants. (insert link). 


  • Once you have received a quote frm the medical aid for your chosen hospital plan, submit it to us via e-mail either directy or via your broker to:


  • Our vetting team will assess the quote, after which we will notify you of the final  decision. If your financial assistance is approved, we will advise you on the monthly amount that we will contribute towards the hospital plan, the balance of which will be your responsibility to pay.
  • Allow one week for feedback on the final decision.


  • Once SOSA Medical has granted you final approval, you may then notify the medical aid that you accept their quote.
  • If financial assistance is approved, it will be for a maximum period of one year, following which, our funding will be reviewed. 


  • You or your broker must notify us that you have formally signed up for your hospital plan so that we can start making the approved monthly payments to the medical aid on your behalf.
  • Take note that you will be responsible for paying the portion of the monthly premium that is not covered by SOSA Medical (where applicable).

Contact SOSA Medical Project:

Tel 011-882- 8322

Business Whatsapp 011-882-8322